AvePoint Teams with Creative for a Vibrant and Functional Space


Founded in 2001, AvePoint is the premiere Microsoft Cloud expert. Having gained trust with over 15,000 companies and 5 million individual users for migrating, managing, and protecting Office 365 and SharePoint data, it is no surprise that the company ranks high as an industry and thought leader. AvePoint is also the recipient of numerous prestigious awards such as Microsoft 2016 Federal Solution Partner of the Year.

In 2016, AvePoint chose Richmond to be its seventh U.S. operations center. When asked why the company chose to develop in Richmond, Tom Lin, the Corporate Vice President of North American Sales, said, “AvePoint has long had its eye on Virginia—Richmond and Arlington, specifically. The highly specialized work force, temperate weather, booming culture, ever expanding and exceptional food and craft brewery scenes, pro-business economy and abundance of Southern charm and hospitality made it a clear choice for AvePoint. We’re extremely pleased to grow our operations in the great Commonwealth of Virginia and look forward to many prosperous years ahead.”

AvePoint thrives with a transparent and supportive office culture. The community that its youthful employees have created is up-beat, vibrant, and dynamic so they needed an open and collaborative space to continue fostering these relationships.

In partnership with Baskervill and Creative, AvePoint developed a plan to create an environment where the new team members of Richmond could immediately dive into the culture and work ethic of the company. Baskervill produced a block style design of the space. Creative then took this layout and provided furniture and details specific to AvePoint’s needs. Individual employee workplaces were customized down to the color, angle of installation, and storage options.

Highly aware of price point, aesthetic, Picture4and function, Creative delivered the perfect combination of workstations all on a tight deadline. AvePoint now has spaces for each type of worker, whether private or collaborative, focused or rejuvenating. On top of this effort, AvePoint even added in spotlights on a live moss wall and a mural!

When one enters the office, the large open floor plan is spotted with workstations that encourage collaboration and communication. There are also more traditional conference rooms encased in glass to provide confidentiality to private meetings. Beyond the work space, AvePoint has dedicated a large amount of square footage to play. This gives employees great options to rejuvenate between workloads.

Some Products Used:

  • Steelcase FrameOne Workstations
  • Steelcase Jenny Soft Seating
  • Steelcase Payback Private Offices
  • Steelcase Reply Task Seating
  • www.Steelcase.com



A brief interview with Brian Brown, AvePoint’s Corporate COO and General Counsel:

How do you feel your space has improved AvePoint’s ability to attract and retain talent?

Our open concept floor plan gives us a lot of flexibility as we are growing quickly, and it is easy to scale. The contemporary design of our physical space captures the youthful spirit of the office and has helped our ability to attract and retain recent college graduates. Our “fun zone” features bean bag chairs, gaming systems, a basketball court, a ping pong table, and even a space for yoga. The office is a reflection of how we not only work hard, but we play hard too.

Do you feel your space is successful in furthering company culture? And more specifically, the function of what you’re doing at AvePoint? (e.g. employee engagement)

I do – and that’s why we’ve designed our Richmond space to embody many of the values we share as a team. Our office features an open concept plan, which makes it much easier for everyone to effectively communicate cross-departmentally and streamline workflow. The open work stations are surrounded by glass conference rooms and plenty of spaces for teams to collaborate. The glass walls also support the importance we place on transparency, and the large windows on all sides of the office give all members of our team – no matter where they sit – a panoramic view of the beautiful city of Richmond.

For more information about AvePoint please visit www.avepoint.com


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Kyrie Woodring | Creative Marketing



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