Welcome to The Tech.Lab

On March 16th 2017, we finally unveiled our newest venture here at the Creative WorkLab in Ashland VA. For the past month and some change the CTG team has been putting in serious overtime hours into what we’re calling the Tech.Lab – our proving ground for technology and space innovation. Inside, we’re building against several key concepts with the end goal of total technology simplification to deliver you (the user) an intuitive, frustration free experience. Our mantra: Technology does not have to be synonymous with complexity.

Even in our own office, technologies that are supposed to make life easier often complicate what should be a simple process. An example: at about 9am most Mondays, like clockwork week in week out, I hear the familiar ring of a new email notification only to see that someone is having an issue launching the video conferencing system to call our other offices. It’s 2017, the tech is there, we shouldn’t be having problems performing such a basic process. That being said, why can’t we simplify this space down to being able to just physically talk to the system and have it launch a video conference that way? Taking that one step further, why can’t I just walk into the room, have the system recognize me using our conferencing camera and turn on the lights and monitors, and pull up the system to my predetermined preferences, all before I’ve even gotten my jacket fully off?

That’s just one facet of the type of questions we’re answering in the Tech.Lab at Creative. The Lab functions as a concept proving ground, an IOT sandbox, an augmented reality development zone, a prototyping workshop for our customers, and a solutions showcase for emerging technology as well. We’re building against core concepts like software defined automation, user identification, and space optimization to provide the answers we’re looking for, and using AGILE methodology to provide structure to the ensuing madness and to keep us always hunting for the next step in innovation.

The opening of the Tech.Lab marks a dedication to ourselves to push the boundaries of technology and space integration, and to our visitors and customers to deliver them a uniquely designed intuitive experience. If you’re reading this, we need your input on how you view space so we ourselves can grow – come on by, roll up your sleeves and experience the Lab for yourselves or drop us a line!

Eric Hoyt | Tech.Lab Docent

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