The Future of Biometrics at Boston Consulting


Boston Consulting Group, a leading management consulting firm with offices in 48 countries, has recently revealed its latest location in New York City. The new space, spanning five floors of the 10 Hudson Yard building, is designed to foster collaboration through open design and atypical workspaces. To measure the efficacy of this new model, some employees have been fitted with biometric sensors that stream data back to Humanyze, a data analytics firm. The collected data measures when, where, and how employees choose to interact throughout their day, allowing management to ensure that their space is being fully utilized as intended.

Sensor driven data analytics are a cornerstone of the new open office structure. This technology can interface with a myriad of devices in a workplace, letting business owners educate themselves about almost any facet of their company. High traffic areas, energy usage, temperature control, and lifespan of connected devices are just a fraction of data that we can now collect using sensor/IoT analytics.

Constant collection of information on employees might seem a little Big Brother, but ideally this data will be used to point out shortcomings in the office environment and address them; with real estate at a premium, it’s important to be able to quantify its utilization and make improvements for employees.

–Eric Hoyt, Creative Technologist

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