video Could VR Bring Us a New Way to Experience Art?


Brands like Oculus and Microsoft Hololens have given us new ways to experience the world with Augmented and Virtual Reality.  These technologies have expanded the capabilities of many professions, one of them being the Visual Art Industry. Artists like @goro.fujita are using apps, specifically Quill for Oculus, to create completely immersive paintings. Quill allows an artist to paint in a 3D navigable environment where you can view your work from all sides and distances.

This could theoretically allow an artist to create a malleable virtual universe only limited by his own imagination.

Instead of viewing a gallery show confined by well-lit white walls, patrons could immerse themselves within the artwork itself. The universe of the painting becomes a “choose your own adventure” story, where each viewer can experience the work in their own way.

–Kyrie Woodring, Creative Marketing

Source, Photo Source

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